Camp Rules

We don’t always like the restrictions, but even the train has its rails. 

These are ours:

1. On the campgrounds is totally prohibited:

  • DRUGS  
  • Swimming at a time and place where no lifeguard on duty.

2. All camp participants should:

- wear their identification bracelets all the time

- defer the instructions of the security and their group person in charge - not to wear bare clothing

- attend all program sessions

- behave well as the Word says and not to make conflicts

- to meet at least one new friend :) :) :)

3. Visitations from girls to boys’ tents and vice versa are not allowed.

4. Group activities during the sessions out of the officially declared are undesirable. If you have new ideas for things unannounced in the program, please share them with the organizers.

5. Money and other valuables should not be left unattended.

6. When having a walk outside the camp in the dark up to 00 a.m. , no one must move alone !!!

7. Access to the camp area will not be allowed after 00 a.m. for people who do not sleep in the camp.

8. When you find lost property, please give it to the New Wave’s office.

9. Video and photos are permitted only for personal (family) use, and forbidden for other purposes! If a repetitive violation is being found, a temporary confiscation of equipment is possible during the camp.

Having fair rules for all of the campers, anyone who does not comply with the rules will be sanctioned and even his/her exclusion from the camp is possible!